• I Didn’t Actually Decide Not to Blog

    There was no point in time where I decided to take a break from blogging.

    But I was shocked the other day to see how long it had been since I had blogged.

    On my Des Walsh dot Com site, apart from one brief announcement post, it’s been about 10 months since I’ve done a “real” post.

    And on this Thinking Home Business site, more like 18 months!

    In the meantime, it’s not that I’ve been idle on the social media front. In that time I’ve been posting almost daily on Facebook.

    But not on my blogs.

    A situation I am now ready to remedy.

    Because I actually love blogging.

    And after about 19 months of posting on Facebook, and doing a lot of training for online marketing, I feel I can post now in a way that is more enjoyable for me and that I am confident will be more engaging for readers.

    In another post I’ll talk about my latest thoughts about particular blogging platforms, and share the story of some painful but valuable lessons that may be of help to others.

    If you’re a blogger, have you ever taken a break from it, whether intending to do that or by “drift”? And if so, how long were you away and was that helpful?

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