• As a home based entrepreneur, how do you “Dress for Success”?

    Especially if you work “at home” and not just “from home”, do you dress “professionally”, as you might have done in days when you went to an office or other external work place?

    Or more casually, maybe staying in your jim jams – with dressing gown or hoodie in the winter?

    With over 20+ years of having a home based business, I’ve found that people can have strong views on this topic.

    Either for some formality, or totally against it.

    A recent report I read said that, in Australia at least, professional people with home based businesses like to dress each day in a “professional” way.

    In other words, not shorts and t-shirts, let alone pajamas.

    I don’t know how rigorous the research was, to come up with that.

    On the other hand, I lost count long ago of the number of social media posts I’ve read where people celebrated the fact that, as they worked from home, they had no need to dress up!

    There are surely a number of variables.

    For example, if you have clients or others coming to your house for a business visit or consultation, it might make sense to dress “professionally”.

    Even without that, I’ve seen advice given that you should always dress “for work”, and not stay in your sleeping gear, because of the probably subconsconcious effect of seeing yourself having a working day ahead, not a lounging around day, with a bit of work thrown in.

    I actually think there is some practical wisdom in that point of view, for at least a bit of dress-ups.

    I’d love to hear from people with views on this topic.

    In the meantime, there are a couple of connected factors in play these days that I believe call for some re-thinking of thes very time-worn topic.

    Namely, personal branding and ubiquitous video.

    For those of us building our personal brand and also using video in various formats on various platforms, our appearance, which includes what we are wearing, will be telling part of our story, for good or ill.

    That being the case, we also need to ask whether the way we dress, or don’t, is likely to see our ideal client relate positively to us, or negatively.

    Mainly for those personal branding + video considerations,I actually believe this matter of how we as home based business owners dress – or don’t – for success is important to consider, decide, and follow through on.

    In our?#FreedomGang group on Facebook we discuss these and other topics of interest to people in home based business, especially those with an online business or using the online environment to grow their mainly offline business.

    If you’re curious about that, and would like to participate, come join in the conversation (link below).

    And whether you join us or not, what’s your take on this matter – “dress up”, or super casual, or somewhere in the middle?


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