• The Thinking Home Business blog shares ideas, experience and tips for men and women professionals already working from home and those who are interested in the possibility of doing so. Des Walsh, author, Thinking Home Business Whether you have been working from home for a while, are just launching your home based business or are still at the “thinking about it” phase, this Thinking Home Business site has been created for you. I launched the site back in 2004: you can check out the wonderful Wayback Machine on archive.org to see?how the site looked then. My personal experience has been that the benefits of working from home have consistently outweighed the benefits I enjoyed before I took the leap of faith to start working for myself. Apart from anything else, I know that working from home has been far more beneficial for my mental, physical and spiritual health. I believe too that in the twenty plus years since I set up my first home based business I’ve learned a few things about this way of doing business, and on this site I share some of that in the hope that it will help others. My business has always been about communication and I love helping businesses communicate better about their products and services. If anything you find here can help you with that, I will feel well rewarded for any effort I have put in. As a business coach, social media strategist and Linkedin specialist, I’m passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs get complete clarity about their goals and become savvy social business practitioners. In other words, I provide advanced business coaching for the new social business environment. If you’ve thought about getting a coach yourself, why not get in touch for a no-obligation, no pressure, free consultation? I’ve set some time aside for that over the coming weeks: for available times and to book yourself in for a 30 minute consultation, just go to this link. To your success! Des Walsh Business Coach Phone: Australia +61 413 089 355
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