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    Looking for a coach?

    unlockIf you’ve scanned the Internet for information on business, executive or life coaching, you will have figured out that there are quite a few different systems of coaching. Which is not, in my opinion, a bad thing.

    In coaching, as in clothing and in life, one size does not fit all. And we all have different needs at different times. And different coaches focus on different areas – some specialize in helping people get their finances sorted out, some focus on business systems. My specialty is business coaching for a networked world.

    Anyone who has been in an executive position, especially as chief executive or managing director, knows in his or her bones the reality of the saying “it’s lonely at the top”. And when the person at the top is entrepreneurial, he or she is also going to be a person with more ideas than they can implement in the foreseeable future. That can be paralyzing or at least inhibiting. And that’s where I come in.

    I don’t do the financial analysis, marketing strategy type of business coaching. I work on the inner game we must all play if we are to win, in the game of business as in the game of life. My starting point with every client is my belief that we all have untapped greatness within us. I see my role as a coach in terms of eliciting (“calling out”) that greatness within each client.

    If that sounds like it might work for you, why not call or email me for a chat? Contact details below.

    How does it work in practice?

    Coaching is normally via a weekly session by phone, which is time-efficient for everyone.

    Face-to-face coaching is also available, with additional costs for the additional time and travel involved. For coaching by phone the standard industry practice is for the client to ring the coach. I also use Zoom.us, which provides the option of video or audio only, allows for the session to be recorded if the client so wishes, and does not require the client to incur any monetary cost for the call.

    Email and instant messaging contact in between sessions is provided at no extra charge for “short and sharp”, low usage and at an additional cost when it is agreed in advance that the amount of time involved warrants such a charge.

    If you are considering being coached, do get in touch now for a complimentary exploratory consultation by phone. This will usually be for no more than 30 minutes, at a mutually agreed time. At the end of that time, we will both know whether there’s a good basis for us to go forward with the coaching process. It’s not a coaching session. More of a chat to see whether or not there’s a fit: no obligation, on either side, to proceed.

    All effective coaching results in change and growth. If you don’t feel a need to change, then coaching might not be what you need right now. If you are simply reluctant to change, that’s human – don’t let that natural reluctance stop you finding out whether coaching might be just what can help you right now. The basic program requires a minimum 90 day commitment. That’s to provide a reasonable period for measurable change.


    Why hire me?

    The short answer is – because I know what I’m doing and I know whom I can help and whom I can’t.

    I believe strongly that each of us can tell if a particular coach is right for us at a particular phase or for particular needs. If, after – or while – talking with me you feel that there is not a “fit”, just tell me an be assured I won’t take it personally. By the same token, if I feel I’m not the right person to coach you I will tell you. And if I know of someone I think you could work with more effectively, I will happily refer you to that coach. To give you a quick idea of what I may have to offer:

    • I’ve been a senior executive in the government sector, with responsibilities in policy development and the planning and management of multi-million dollar programs in cultural development, education and major events
    • I’ve had my own business, in communications consultancy and more recently in coaching, for twenty years
    • I understand how companies and individual entrepreneurs can use new media, especially blogging and other social media, to help grow their business
    • I’ve been trained through the Coachville Schools of Coaching and am a current member of the Coachville community of coaches, a foundation member of the Creative Skills Training Council, Asia-Pacific and Australia and a member of the Board of Governors of the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

    Your next step

    Would you agree that, for any coaching to be successful, you and your coach must be able to communicate effectively? I certainly believe so. That’s why I provide a 30 minute, complimentary, exploratory consultation before any actual coaching begins. It’s your opportunity to get any questions answered and for both of us to establish that we are able to work together. To register now for your complimentary initial consultation, please use the Contact page on this site.

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