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    This page of resources is a bit of a pot-pourri, but I’d rather share now some things I’ve found helpful than spend a lot of time trying to organise the information.

    Suggestions welcome – please use the Contact page for that.

    Business and Office Resources

    We get approaches almost on a daily basis to promote various products and services to professionals working from home.? Most of them we knock back. The ones here we either have used ourselves or we have otherwise evaluated them as being – as far as we can tell – value for money and backed by reputable companies.

    Business cards – Overnight Prints

    High Quality Business Cards at OvernightPrints.com

    We love Overnight Prints. Specifically, we love:

    • the combination of design/layout software that works
    • their efficiency, terrific value for money
    • great delivery service and
    • intelligent, helpful people on the help line.

    Actually, one of the reasons we love dealing with Overnight Prints is that once they got the order wrong and could not deliver as promised! What set them apart from most companies was their immediate willingness to solve the problem and credit our payment back, without argument – actually the help line person initiated it without our asking! That met our acid test: that you judge a company not by what it does when everything goes well but by how it handles situations that go wrong.

    They deliver across the USA and Europe.

    Quality Sites

    There is a group of feeds for high quality blogs and other web sites at our Top Sites page.

    Social Media

    We’ve included lots of links here about social media, because:

    • more and more people business owners working from home want to know, and know now, how to find their way through what they see as a social media maze
    • we know this stuff, we live and breathe it, and we want to share what we know

    Social Media Resources


    A plain English introduction to Social Media – by Lee Lefever

    Mike Wesch – The Machine is Us/ing Us


    Many people who work from home have WordPress blogs. Many, like me, are not techies but need to get under the hood from time to time. I know, we should really outsource, but in the meantime, here are some links I’ve found helpful.

    “The Loop” explained – sometimes you will be told a piece of code needs to be inserted within “the loop”. Here is a clear and official explanation: http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop_in_Action

    “301 re-direct” I had to do a lot of looking to find a clear explanation of what was meant by a 301 re-direct and how to set one up. This tutorial was helpful.

    Downloadable Delights: Reports, White Papers, free e-books

    The Long Tail – key positioning document for understanding social media

    Cluetrain Manifesto – still a must-read after all these years

    Brian Solis: The Essential Guide to Social Media – a free e-book by a social media and PR master

    Brian Solis: Brink – A Social Media Guide from the Edge – amazingly rich content and a free download

    Trevor Cook & Lee Hopkins: Social Media White Paper – 3rd edition: a practical guide in plain English

    Social Media in the Inc. 500: The First Longitudinal Study – how fast-moving companies “get it”

    Illuminating Blog Posts, Podcasts

    ReadWriteWeb: Fake Viral Videos

    Duncan Riley: NAB Spams Blogs – how a big bank showed it doesn’t get it about the conversation

    Conversational Media Marketing: Social media isn’t a “channel”: it’s an environment – blog post by industry leader Paul Chaney

    Learning and Sharing – Online Locales

    Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory


    Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff: Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

    Deborah Micek & Warren Whitlock : Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online

    Organizations and Groups

    Social Media Club – for those who get it and want to share it with others

    LinkedIn Bloggers – sharing information and ideas about blogging and new media

    Society for New Communications Research – non-profit think tank: great people, great reports: spin-free zone

    Jargon Buster

    List of Blogging Terms (from Wikipedia)


    Several presentations by Des Walsh, at Slideshare

    Tips and Tools

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